Reminder: Outlook Webinar tomorrow (Jan 24 at 10am CET)

Join us for our very first webinar of the year. Leo will explain our approach and tools to help you comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation.

Reminder: Outlook Webinar tomorrow (Jan 24 at 10am CET)
Plantations, plot boundaries, and mapping. How we'll get the EUDR done.

2024 is the year things get real for deforestation monitoring. Monitoring will move from a largely a voluntary process to a regulatory one with significant penalties for non-compliance. For this reason, we are holding our first webinar of the year all about the EU Deforestation Regulation tomorrow at 10am CET (Wednesday (Jan 24. It really is too important to miss. Sign up here.

What to expect

Our founder, Leo Bottrill, will guide you through our thinking on how to implement the EUDR. Leo and the rest of the team have been consulting our customers, poring over documents about the regulation, and developing an approach to support not only palm oil importers but all companies importing any of the 6 commodities covered. In the webinar, Leo will explain how we have broken down the compliance into 4 goals.

Goal 1: Getting you ready for the EUDR

Every great project and trip to the supermarket begins with a checklist

To get yourself ready, it always helps to have a checklist. By answering a short set of questions, we will help assess where to begin and which tools and services we offer are suitable.

Goal 2: Tracing your entire supply chain

A palm supply chain as seen by AI. Quite.

Once you have a good baseline on your needs, we can help you trace your supply chain all the way to the plot. We have developed our estimated Traceability to Plantation model, so we can link your mills to our plantation data. Or if you only have points, we can help you match them to our plots.

Goal 3: Assess your EUDR Risk

Industrial deforestation for palm is declining but still occurs, particularly in frontier regions

No matter how prepared you are, we have the tools to help you assess your risk. Leo will explain how we can use your mill list, plot locations, or plot boundaries to analyze plots and suppliers for EUDR-defined deforestation, and legality risks.

Goal 4: Preparing for EUDR Compliance

We're automating shipping statement checks

The final and all important goal is help you comply. We are developing tools to automate compliance and the create due diligence statements. At the heart of this is our one-of-a-kind Plot Check tool. Leo will demonstrate how Plot Check can automatically check for EUDR-defined forest and deforestation and flag legality risks.

Launching our EUDR Help Center

To help our customers navigate the various EUDR components, we have set up a Help Center that explains the various requirements companies need to meet and the tools and services that we are developing to meet them. You will find information about our Palm Risk Assessment Service to get you started.

So see you Wednesday! Sign up again here.