Newsletter - December 2022

Catch up with the latest from the team this month! Newsletter - December 2022

Catch up with the latest from the team this month!

What's New?

After our exciting trip to the RSPO Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Leo Bottrill and Kristofor Carle spent some time in our Jakarta office to catch up with some of the NGOs under the support of David and Lucile Packard Foundation. We did a brief demo training led by our data analyst, Cholida Sofi and had a fruitful conversation about the ways can support their work and smallholders.

What's coming up? is cooking up a whole lot of new features and tools designed to make things easier and better for our subscribers and potential subscribers. We are excited to let you know all about it after the holidays. Definitely keep an eye out for them! In the meantime, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year from our team to you and your families.

Tip of the Month Side Toolbar Shortcut

Have you been maximizing your experience with by using our shortcut toolbar on the side of the dashboard? Pinned to the side of the screen, those buttons are designed to make your working time on much more efficient. From a shortcut to your personalized portfolios and grievance tracker to companies, mills and concessions, everything is right there with a click of a button. You can also find the moon icon where you can change the view of the dashboard from dark to light as we stated in last month’s newsletter. You can also find software updates, your account information and help documentation to help you keep up to date with Questions and Feedback are always welcome, simply click on the question mark to contact us.

Case of the month

Felda Belara - Concessions Malaysia (2022-11)

This month’s deforestation case comes from Terengganu, Peninsula Malaysia. Felda Belara from Federal Land Development Agency Malaysia (FELDA) Group is located near Sungai Tong Mill owned by Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGV), one of the largest companies in Malaysia. An additional four other mills are in close proximity, linking to over a dozen downstream buyers. The concession itself has had forest alerts throughout 2021-2022. In a span of one year (November 2021 - September 2022) the area affected by deforestation has reached 353.261 ha, wit with the industrial clearing of medium density forest. In 2021, Malaysia lost 123kha of natural forest, equivalent to 86.6Mt of CO₂ emissions.

Benefit of the Month Forest Report

For our enterprise customers, we offer access to Forest Report - an automated deforestation monitoring platform that provides ​real-time monitoring for thousands of locations It can be used to monitor RADD (Radar for Detecting Deforestation) and GLAD (Global Analysis and Discovery) Alerts. You can directly monitor deforestation alerts and are able to sort them from the highest to the lowest, amongst other filtering and sorting options available. The Forest Report is updated every month. We have also added some additional layers that might be useful for you such as Orangutan Habitat (Indonesia) and Tiger Habitat (Malaysia) so you are able to track and examine the High Conservation Value (HCV) of certain areas.

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