Newsletter - February 2023

Our February newsletter includes new grievance visualizations, a deforestation and land dispute case from Sumatra, tips on using Risk Insights for field investigation, and much more! Newsletter - February 2023

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What’s new? Grievance Visualizations now features new visualizations of our’s grievance database. With all the various stages we show at, this fresh way of looking at grievances is sure to make your time in easier and more engaging. The visualization helps you see total unresolved versus resolved grievance cases. It also helps you keep track of the stage of each case and the different outcomes each grievance cases reaches. You can access our entire grievance database and deforestation monitoring starting at $49 per month. Sign up a


Hide/Reorder Columns on Dashboard

Did you know that you can customize your dashboard to cater your needs? You can even have the columns reordered to fit your monitoring experience. You can find the “Hide/Reorder Columns” button at the top of your dashboard and select which columns you wish to be hidden and to be visible. You can select from a range of columns such as “Category” to “Mill Supply Chain” and many others to have your dashboard just as you need it.

What’s coming up?

34th Palm & Lauric Oils Price Outlook Conference & Exhibition (POC2023)

Next week (March 6-8), Leo Bottrill,'s founder, will be attending the Palm oil and Laurics Outlook (POC) in Kuala Lumpur. The conference is a key meeting place for the edible oils industry, discussing outlook, pricing, and supply chain issues. With the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and other regulatory requirements increasingly shaping procurement, environmental and social issues will be firmly on the agenda. Suppliers will need to map and analyze their plots for deforestation after the December 2020 cut-off and downstream buyers (e.g., refiners, FMCGs, etc), will need to prepare due diligence statements, demonstrating there is no deforestation in their supply chain. If you are interested in meeting Leo, please contact us.

Tip of the Month

QR Code Coordinates - Risk Insights (Enterprise)

This month’s tip is especially important for our Enterprise subscribers. You may have noticed that in your Risk Insight report there is a QR Code under the satellite imagery. The QR code pulls up the coordinates of the deforestation area, so if you are working in the field, you can navigate to the location using a mapping app such as Google Maps. Isn’t that neat? Now you can navigate the exact coordinates with minimal hassle.

Case of the Month

February 2023 - RI000459

We are taking a look at a deforestation case of Industrial Plantation linked PT Rendi Permata Raya concession. The concession is currently producing and as it is a recent case, it is subject to be a risk for the upcoming EU Deforestation Regulation. There are four nearby mills, the closest being PT Anugerah Langkat Makmur 2. An investigation revealed that Palmris Raya mill was sourcing, resulting in one suspension.

Grievances in regards to human rights cases and labor disputes have been known to come out of this particular concession, as recent as last year where the palm oil farmers and laborers held a demonstration in front of their office in Singkuang, North Sumatra. It has been said that it was the culmination of the community's disappointment with the lengthy 12 year process, resolving plasma disputes.

Benefit of the Month monitors South America

Did you know that not only monitors deforestation and supply chains in Indonesia and Malaysia, but also in South America? With over 140 mills in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, we are keeping a close eye on the region. We have almost 20 Risk Insights and over 540 concessions in Colombia on ready for you to peruse. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Colombia are monitored monthly by our expert analysts.

14,000 ha clearance area north of Ocho Sur Plantation and Mill

For example, let’s take a peek at a deforestation case of industrial plantation in Ocho Sur Mill that is happening out in Nueva Requena District in one of the seven districts of the province Coronel Portillo in Peru. As this is a recent deforestation case, it is considered a risk in the upcoming EU deforestation regulation.

If you are interested in going deeper, we offer our Forest Report service to Enterprise customers which has more detailed maps and data for monitoring concessions and mills. Please contact us for more details.