Newsletter - February 2024

Our latest newsletter features new data in to support EUDR compliance, Leo's visit to Washington DC to discuss the FOREST ACT with Senator Schatz, and the upcoming POC conference in KL . Newsletter - February 2024

What’s new?

New Data in Plot Check Tool

EUDR Forest 2020 Data in Plot Check Tool

We are excited to let you know that we have just added new data into our Plot Check Tool! It now includes the JRC Global map of forest cover 2020. Despite its limitations, it is a useful starting point for monitoring. will be using the JRC Forest Map in combination with multiple datasets to screen and verify EUDR compliance risk.


GHG Slider in Plot Check Tool map

In addition to the JRC Forest Map, we have added the 2001-2022 GHG data now includes a column for each individual year, and a slider in the map lets you view each year.

Both the JRC and GHG emissions data are part of our Plot Check Tool, which analyzes deforestation, overlapping plots, grievances, and traceability to private plot boundaries. Plot Check works in three steps: asking suppliers for data, using the Plot Check tool to analyze boundaries without uploading them, and reviewing plots back to the EUDR cutoff. The tool builds a dashboard with statistics and insights without sharing data directly. Contact to try Plot Check and other features. 

Leo meets Senator Schatz to discuss the US Forest Act

The US Capitol, Image by Martin Falbisoner

On February 6, our founder, Leo Bottrill, visited Senator Schatz’s office in Washington DC to discuss the bi-partisan-supported US FOREST Act. Leo was part of a delegation organized by the RSPO to discuss the Act with Senator Schatz, one of the co-sponsors of the bill. Joined by staff from the Senator and Congressman Blumenauer’s office, the delegation discussed many of the practicalities of implementing the law, which aims to prevent commodity-driven unlawful deforestation globally. It will achieve this by limiting access to US markets for items from unlawfully deforested land, reducing deforestation incentives, and enhancing regulations.

While the FOREST Act differs from the EUDR, specifically on its focus of illegal deforestation, the regulations are designed to complement each other. Crucially, both laws feature traceability to plot requirement, requiring all importers to map all supplying farms and prove deforestation was legal.

At the meeting, Leo explained how the palm industry is using software services like to prepare for the EUDR. He explained the challenges of plot mapping, particularly for smallholders, but said that the costs for doing so were a tiny fraction of the industry’s overall revenue. Senator Schatz was optimistic the law will pass, particularly as it has growing bipartisan support. The meeting ended with plans to keep the conversation going and catch up again in the near future.

What’s coming up?

Countdown to POC2024


Great news! will be participating in the POC2024 event at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in March. The event will be organized by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives and is focused on the palm and laurics sector. It aims to bring together key decision-makers and thought leaders in the industry to discuss topics related to supply and demand. will have a booth at the exhibition where we will provide live demonstrations and the opportunity to chat. Additionally, we are offering the chance to schedule a meeting with our CEO and founder, Leo Bottrill, make sure to book a time via

Feature Highlight Webinar - Grievances

This month's Feature Highlight Webinar talks about Grievances

We just hosted another Feature Highlight Webinar. This time, we focused on grievances, covering topics such as examining grievances in the database, identifying and categorizing them, and understanding how this information can be utilized. The discussion included ways in which the grievances in can assist with compliance for the EU Deforestation Regulation. The webinar will be published on February 21 here.

Tip of the month

Plot Matching Service (EUDR Help Center) aims to be your one-stop solution for EUDR compliance, which is why we have also launched our EUDR Help Center. As you explore our services, you may come across the "Plot Matching Service" which is a service to address the challenge of building a database of plot polygon boundary data. Many companies lack mapped plots or access to plot maps, especially for their indirect supply chain. The available data typically only includes point locations for plantations, estates, and smallholders.

This service involves several steps by which we assist companies in building a plot map, steps include an Evaluation, matching your points to our plot database and conducting risk assessments. This process aims to streamline the creation of a comprehensive plot map for companies, ensuring accurate and efficient management of plot-related data and risks. Contact us for a free consultation.

Benefit of the month

Using’s eTTP data to review supply chains (EUDR Help Center)

Are you using's eTTP (estimated traceability to plantation) data for reviewing supply chains? It can help you in predicting likely supply chain links when only mills are known. We analyze a 25 km and 50 km radius around each mill and use our plot database to narrow the risk assessment to known palm oil plantations and those with known business associations. The eTTP tier system categorizes the risk level of the supply chain links, ranging from high (in plot) to low (25km range), based on the proximity and relationships between mills and palm oil plantations. For EUDR, this data can be useful for assessing which mills will be the most challenging to meet compliance. This information can help prioritize efforts in ensuring that palm oil used in products meets the necessary standards. To learn more about it check out our EUDR Help Center