Newsletter - January 2024

It's been a great start to the year for We shared our outlook on 2024 and launched our EUDR Help Center. Newsletter - January 2024

What’s new? kicks off 2024 with our Outlook Webinar 2024 Outlook Webinar

Last Wednesday, we held our first webinar of the year (contact us if you did not register but want to view the recording). Our founder, Leo Bottrill, took us through the challenges facing the palm oil industry getting prepared for the EUDR. Leo explained that palm oil-related deforestation slightly increased in 2022 and around 20% of plots have at least 1ha of forest alerts post Dec 2020 - the EUDR cut off. With only 11 months to go before the law will be enforced, there really is no time to waste.

Leo explained that our new tools and services are designed to help companies get EUDR-ready. The core tool is Plot Check, which helps you check your plot locations for deforestation and remaining forest. It will also flag any overlapping Risk insight reports, grievances and nearby mills. Given many companies don’t have plot data yet, Leo explained how our plot matching service and an estimated traceability model can help you flag mills in your supply that may be EUDR non-compliant.’s EUDR Help Center is live!

/0:00 EUDR Help Center

We know the EUDR requirements may appear daunting, but our new Help Center has all the information you need to begin preparing. We explain the key requirements and outline the four goals that every company importing palm oil and palm derivatives into the EU needs to organize.

Getting Ready for the EUDR
Risk Assessment Service
Assess your EUDR Risk
Preparing for Compliance

Our Help Center also gives introductions to our suite of EUDR tools such as our Plot Matching Service, Plot Check, and our traceability methodology. We hope the Center will help you navigate the various EUDR requirements and give you a sense of how we can help.

Database of mill supply chain sources

/0:00 Mill Traceability Lists

This is one to watch out for! users will get unique access to our database of mill supply chain providers. The list will tell you which mill list we used to make the supply chain link. It’s basically a way for you to check our sources, so you know what we are up to. If you are a subscriber, please contact us and we will send you an invitation to access the database. in Mongabay! in Mongabay

We’ve just been featured in Mongabay! The article gives a pithy overview of’s latest EUDR Plot Check Tool which can help companies check their compliance with deforestation regulations for palm oil (and other commodities!). Plot Check allows companies to upload plot boundaries without storing the data in the cloud, addressing concerns about data security and privacy. It analyzes the plot for deforestation using publicly available satellite data and displays information on historical deforestation and nearby palm oil processing mills. It also aims to help companies prove that their products are deforestation-free, as they face increasing pressure to comply with zero-deforestation regulations.

What’s coming up?

POC in KL is coming to POC2024

Wonderful news! will be exhibiting at POC2024 in March at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The 35th Palm & Lauric Oils Price Outlook Conference & Exhibition (POC2024) is an annual event hosted by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives. The event promises to provide participants with excellent networking opportunities by bringing together influential decision-makers and thought leaders in the palm and laurics sector, as well as serving as a forum for discussion on topics related to supply and demand. will have a booth in the exhibit, so please stop by for a live demo and a chat. If you would like to meet with our founder, Leo Bottrill, please contact us directly and we’ll schedule a time.

GHG data update in Plot Check Tool


Sample GHG Data in Plot Check Tool

As you know we have added a new feature that could help you with EUDR compliance, which we highlighted in our first feature highlight webinar (insert link), the Plot Check Tool. We will also be including a big GHG data update of annual emission numbers from 2001-2022 into the Plot Check Tool to help you measure and track greenhouse gas emissions within the plots you will be checking. As we know that this data will help you to comply with EU deforestation regulations, companies and organizations may need to provide greenhouse gas (GHG) data related to their activities that could impact deforestation. Feature Highlight Webinar: Grievances

Register for our upcoming Feature Highlight Webinar: Grievances

Good news! We are having another Feature Highlight Webinar: Grievances on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 (20:00 WIB/ 08:00 EST/ 14:00 CET). In this webinar, we will be taking a deep dive into all things grievances, from looking into the grievances we have in the database to the different identifications and categorizations – along with what you can do with the information of course! Join us as we get into the discussion of how you can use the grievances in to help with legality for your EU Deforestation Regulation compliance. Register now

Tip of the month

How to prioritize cases for review using eTTP

eTTP Links -

We hope you have found our eTTP filters in Risk Insights useful! eTTP is our approach for discovering potential linkages between plots and mills. It stands for "Estimated Traceability to Plantation" and determines the possibility of a supply chain link based on proximity and company "group" relationships. You can now locate these eTTP connections by navigating to the 'Companies' dashboard and looking under 'Risk Insights', where you can see eTTP Supply Chain Mills categorized by tiers.

eTTP has four tiers that represent the risk of a connection, ranging from highest to lowest risk. Tier 1 includes mills located within the plot boundary, Tier 2 covers plots within 25km of the mill and owned/operated by the same company or group, Tier 3 refers to plots within 10km of the mill without a known group or company ownership structure, and Tier 4 includes plots within 25km of the mill without a known group or company ownership structure.

Benefit of the month

Portfolio Mill List upload


Mill List Upload

As you are likely aware, the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) will require companies importing commodities into the EU to demonstrate no deforestation in their supply chain post-December 2020. has just the tool to help companies analyze EUDR-related deforestation risks by building a dashboard with their mill list. The tool helps trace mills to neighboring concessions, provide risk insight reports, and identify unresolved grievances.

This tool securely examines your mill list for various risks, allowing you and your suppliers to be well-prepared. It will greatly assist both upstream and downstream companies in analyzing the risk of deforestation related to the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). When the new rules come into effect, all relevant companies will be required to carry out thorough due diligence, and we hope you’ll find this feature from can help with this process.