Newsletter - July 2023

Let’s get you all caught up with what has been doing this month. We got a new plot portfolio list and a plot list upload, how to make it easier for you to download KML files through our dashboard along with all you need to know about the upcoming notification inbox. Newsletter - July 2023

Let’s get you all caught up with what has been doing this month. We have upgraded Portfolio plot lists, added new Risk Insight visualizations and made it easier to download KML files. Leo also participated in the Forest Data Partnerships "Data Wars" webinar, hosted by WRI. And coming up, we have new inbox feature!

What’s new?

Upgraded Plot Portfolio Lists for EU Deforestation Regulation Preparation

Example Plot 

We have a significant improvement to the Portfolios! Subscribers can now build custom dashboards of their plots. Simply select any plot in Palmoil,io and it will build a Portfolio list, giving a total deforestation summary, a list of linked grievances and Risk Insights, and estimated traceability to mills.

Plot List Upload

Upload Plot List Portfolio

If you want to analyze hundreds of even thousands of plot locations, you can directly upload you Plot IDs into Portfolio. Just copy a list of plot IDs and then upload as a CSV into your portfolio.

This is particularly valuable feature for companies who may only have a point for each plot that they source from. Our analysts will match your points with our plot data and give you list of plots IDs to upload in your portfolio. You can build a private list of all plots that you are linked to - a useful tool for conducting your EU Deforestation Diligence risk assessment. Contact us if you are interested in this service.

Leo joins the panel on 'Data Wars'

Leo on the "Data Wars" Panel

On July 19,'s CEO and Founder, Leo Bottrill, alongside forest data specialists from various organizations, participated in a webinar hosted by the Forest Data Partnership on challenges of using proprietary data for the public good.

With moderation from WRI's Crystal Davis, there was a frank and illuminating discussion. Andrew Wilcox from Unilever brought insights from the perspective of a major consumer goods company, explaining their challenges integrating third party monitoring data with their supplier's need for data security. Earthworm's Rob McWilliam shared expertise on implementing the Starling system for sourcing practices in supply chains, including palm oil.

Mighty Earth's Jackson Harris explained the critical importance of open data like plot boundaries and palm mill lists for Mighty's Rapid Response project. Leo echoed Jackson's perspective on the value of plot maps and palm mill lists but pointed out many of the barriers that companies and governments have placed for monitors to use this information effectively and consistently.

Planet's Tara O'Shea shed light on role Planet satellite imagery plays in forest monitoring, particularly the licensing of monthly mosaics through the Planet NICFI partnership but also the high costs and risks launching and maintaining hundreds of satellites. And finally, Global Forest Watch's Fred Stolle shared his perspective on the use of open-access data platforms for tracking deforestation.

The discussion provided a constructive dialogue for exploring ways to better integrate public and private data to effectively combat deforestation.

What’s coming up?

You’ve Got Mail! The upcoming Inbox

We are working on a new Inbox which will provide subscribers with timely and relevant updates on new Risk Insights and, news stories, and grievances linked to your supply chain. Subscribers will receive summary emails once a month, reminding them to log into to review their notifications. Inbox will help you to address any emerging risks, save you time, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Tip of the month

Download KML files through Risk Insights Dashboard


Download KML files directly from's Risk Insights Dashboard

Did you know that you can easily download KML files through the Risk Insights Dashboard? With the ability to download KML files, subscribers have more flexibility in analyzing risk insight data on their internal mapping software. This feature helps subscribers to conduct their own in-depth analyses, customize visualizations, and combine the risk insights data with other relevant geographic information.

Benefit of the month

Risk Insight Charts's Risk Insight Charts subscribers know that our Risk Insights is truly what makes our platform the place to be! Well, we have added summary charts to the Risk Insight page. Charts provide subscribers with a visual overview of key information, making it easier to understand and interpret the data at a glance.

This visual representation of data helps our subscribers identify potential hotspots, track changes over time, and prioritize areas for further investigation or action. By including summary charts in the company profiles, it enhances your ability to assess the sustainability performance and practices of individual companies within your palm oil supply chain.